Saturday Sorted – Ghent, Belgium

Saturday Sorted – Ghent, Belgium

September 8, 2018 16 By Arunima Mitra

Belgium for me used to mean Brussels only. But after our day trip to Ghent, this picturesque city in  Flemish region of Belgium, we were awestruck. The city had everything to offer… lazy boat rides, architectural beauties, excellent food (and drinks). And bonus for us was the Ghent musical festival or the Gentse Feesten  !

Below you will find our plan and itinerary. Enjoy your trip to Ghent !

How to reach:

         By Train: Ghent can be reached by train from all the cities in Belgium  and even from Paris or London. There are two train stations in Ghent, Gent-Dampoort and Gent-sint-Peters. Below link can be used for finding trains to Ghent.

          By Road: Ghent is around 45 mins drive from Brussels by car. If you are traveling by bus, you can get connections from all major cities in Belgium as well as other European cities like Amsterdam, Paris and London. Flixus and Eurolines buses ply daily.
Flixus Buses

          By Air: Fly down to Brussels by any flight and then take coaches, trains or drive down to Ghent. Alternately, take a flight to any other Belgian city like Antwerp or Liege and catch connections to Ghent.

We had taken a morning bus(Flixbus) from Paris. It took us around 4 hours to reach Ghent-Dampoort bus station.

The Ghent Music Festival was in full swing and the place was full of tourists. If you prefer a laid-back experience, then avoid visiting Ghent in the month of July.

We enjoyed the music extravaganza while eating the wide varieties of delicacies Ghent had to offer. Frites with Mayo, Spitbakje, Waffles with white chocolate.. we tried them all. There were stalls all around the place and you have a good number of restaurants lined up by the Canal as well. Keep munching while sunbathing beside the Graslei or Korenlei canal banks.



The best way to experience Ghent is by yourself. You can either sign up for the free walking trips, take a boat ride in the canal or simply walk around. We chose to explore the place on foot and roamed around the entire day.

Things to See in Ghent: 

            Gravensteen – Castle surrounded by moat


             St. Bavo’s Cathedral – Beautiful views of the city from top

             The Belfry – Symbol of the city’s independence

             Groentenmarkt – Market area along the canal, lively and vibrant

The city of Ghent

              Graslei – Beautiful buildings alongside the canal


              Korenlei– Canal lined up with elegant houses

Things to Eat: 


              Waffles – Must try.. comes with white, milk and dark chocolate sauces. Savory options also available


Belgian Waffle…white chocolate topping

               Frites – Origin of French fries can be traced back to Belgium. Try these while they are hot paired with homemade Mayonnaise available in multiple outlets at Ghent

Frites.. with Mayo !

               Spitburger and Spitbakje – Shredded pork and veggies loaded with frites served in a burger or in a bowl. Yummilicious !


              Chocolates – Need I say more ?

Beer  – Almost every place in Ghent serves brewed tap beers.. ranging from Stella Artois to Stout. For those who like lighter flavors, try the Belgian wheat and Pale ale as well. Beer lovers, explore below Micro breweries for sure

Freshly Brewed!

We returned back to Paris by an evening bus(courtesy Flixbus again). Hope you will enjoy Ghent as much as we did!

Thumbs Up for Your Trip to Ghent.